The Red Apple Ranch, established in 1890 by the Darby family has been a well recognized landmark on Hwy. 4 in the small town of Murphys.  The first apple trees were planted in1903 by Jay Darby, the patriarch of the Darby clan; and legend has it that the planting was assisted by none other than Johnny Appleseed, himself.  Award winning apples from the original orchard were harvested and exhibited at the World’s Fair in San Francisco in 1915.  Many of these trees still exist on the ranch today and continue to produce delicious apples.

The Red Apple Family history...

The Red Apple Bakery and Fruit Stand was the brainchild of the Darby Brothers, Lloyd and Ken, who have greeted customers for over 80 years.  The quality that has been a tradition of this small town business will continue for future generations to enjoy.  Lloyd and Chris Bunch and their family are now operating The Red Apple with the same commitment to quality and customer service that has been appreciated for so many years.

Actual photo of original wooden wheelbarrow that served as the first Darby apple stand.

Lloyd and Chris Bunch, the new proprietors of The Red Apple, come from a small family farm in Hughson, California.  The Bunch family has been farming in California for three generations and appreciate the role that agriculture plays in our everyday lives.  The Bunch family not only farm the apples on The Red Apple Ranch, but also raise numerous fruits and vegetables in their hometown.  Each week, Lloyd brings the bounty of his harvest from the Central Valley to The Red Apple; while Chris is busy bottling homemade syrups, jams, and jellies that are the product of their toil.  Lloyd’s desire to till the soil and watch crops grow is only matched by Chris’ love for baking using longtime family recipes.

The Darby and Bunch families cordially invite you to The Red Apple to experience our Sweet Apple Cider, the Famous  Apple Cider Donuts, and our fresh homemade pies. 

Lloyd Darby (l) and Lloyd Bunch (r) continue The Red Apple tradition.

Remember…there is nothing more American…than apple pie!

Ruth and Lloyd Darby representing The Red Apple at Fourth of July parade.


On any given weekend, it is not uncommon to find members of the Bunch family working at The Red Apple; including children, nieces, nephews, siblings and spouses.  Even Va Va, the matriarch of the Bunch crew, contributes by keeping the pie boxes built and ready to fill.  The Red Apple continues to be a family business ran with dedication and pride.